Around Town

Pianist Alexis Lombre (left) appeared with her trio at Kerrytown Concert House on April 20. She played several selections from her Southside Sounds CD recorded in her hometown, Chicago, including a powerful “Blues in Tyne.” Her present trio includes fellow University of Michigan students — drummer Everett Reid (also Chicago-born) and bassist Brian Juarez (top). Juarez was very articulate on “Caravan” and Reid solid throughout.

Lombre is a very promising young pianist and will no doubt go far with her facile technique, energy, and imagination.

Pianist and singer Bill Heid (above) played Old Town in Ann Arbor on April 10. He brought along three old companions: bassist Kurt Krahnke, drummer Bob Sweet, and percussionist RJ Spangler. Heid is a soulful musician who knows how to entertain in a bar setting. It was truly Groove Music!

Jazz radio voice Michael G Nastos was celebrated on his birthday, April 4, with a jam session by some of his musicians/friends in the area. The jam was held at Ziggy’s, which is a great spot for music and celebration on Michigan Ave. in downtown Ypsi. A long line of musicians and fans showed up to celebrate Michael and his indomitable spirit. Among them flutist Vincent York (right) and vocalist Emma Aboukasm (above, with Nastos).

Phil Ogilvie’s Rhythm Kings (P.O.R.K.) was a major feature at the celebration of the life of Jim Dapogny at the Zal Gaz Grotto Club in Ann Arbor on March 24. In his honor the band played with an unusual zest to the capacity audience.

The band will return to the Zal Gaz on May 5 following a new twice-a-month schedule, alternating Sundays with the Royal Garden Trio. PORK will play the first and third Sundays and the Royal Garden Trio will take care of the second and fourth Sundays. A new pianist for the band is yet to be selected.

Front Line: Mark Kieme, Andrew Bishop, Janelle Reichman, Gene Bartley, Paul Finkbeiner, Ingrid Racine
Back Row: Rod McDonald, Chris Smith, Van Hunsberger. Doug Scott at the piano on left only partially seen.

photographs by Lars Bjorn