Around Town

Tenorist Ingrid Laubrock has been a frequent visitor at the Kerrytown Concert House for several years now. She has become a commanding presence on the scene with her big toned tenor and soprano sound. On September 24 her trio with pianist Cory Smythe and bassist Stephan Crump took the stage in the Warming Up the Edge series.

Accordionist Julien Labro, a native of France, is an expert performer of the Astor Piazzola repertoire. His recordings with guitarist Jason Vieaux cover Piazzola as well as younger composers. Labro’s most recent project is the Chanson Experiment, where he dares tackle songs very familiar to all French musicians.

At his October 25 concert at Kerrytown Concert House he noted that he had finally overcome a reluctance to play some of this repertoire by putting his own stamp on it. This included songs by Yves Montand (“A Paris”), Charles Aznavour (“She”), and Edith Piaf (“La Vie en Rose”). Labro is a wondrous improviser who has complete control over his instrument and who does not need to refer to this project as experimental at this time. He was accompanied by some old Detroit friends: pianist John Dixon, bassist Jordan Schug, and drummer David Alvarez.
photographs by Lars Bjorn