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The Jazz Festival Season Is Here!

Summer and jazz festivals have gone together since the Newport Jazz Festival got started in July of 1954. The grandest festivals in the Detroit area are the Michigan Jazz Festival in Livonia (July 19) and the Detroit Jazz Festival at Hart Plaza downtown (September 4-7). They are both intact even though this area is going through hard times, so take the opportunity and enjoy great jazz in all its varieties at these premier events. Maybe it is particularly in hard times that we can appreciate the artistry involved in jazz.

SEMJA's calendar includes detailed schedules for the Michigan Jazz Fest and other festivals that take place over the next two months.

Images from prior Michigan Jazz Festivals at Schoolcraft College:

Michigan Jazz Festival TentThe Red Tent on the lawn of Schoolcraft College features jazz from noon until 8:30 p.m.



Michigan Jazz Fest - DiPonio RoomThe DiPonio Room is perfect for enjoying big bands: it is large and has multiple screens on the walls as well.

Michigan Jazz Fest - Taslimah Bey's Ragtime BandThe frontline of Taslimah Bey’s ragtime band in the Red Tent of the Michigan Jazz Fest, 2006: Charlie Gabriel, Cassius Richmond, Ken Kischuk (Dwight Adams hidden)

Michigan Jazz Fest - Ben JanssonThe Michigan Jazz Fest features the new talent as well as veterans. Here Ben Jansson shows what he can do on tenor in front of Jerry McKenzie and Jim Wyse at last year’s festival. (Lower Waterman).


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