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The Bird Flies to Main

The Bird of Paradise in Ann Arbor is moving one block south and east to 314 South Main Street. This location is just south of The Ark and the two venues will be a formidable combination since they both feature music all week. The move will most likely take place some time in January, according to owner Ron Brooks.

The new location will be different in two important ways: there will be more seating room and there will be exciting new food selections. More seating should allow for bigger name acts to play Ann Arbor's premier jazz club. There will also be a separate space for the bar up front of the establishment and a pianist will be featured for happy hour. The new Bird is downstairs from a New Orleans style restaurant, which means that the Bird will serve from a New Orleans menu. Needless to say, New Orleans cuisine and jazz is a classic combination.

The Bird's new weekly schedule will look like this:

  • Sundays jam session led by Paul Finkbeiner
  • Mondays Bird of Paradise Orchestra led by Paul Keller
  • Tuesdays Keller-Kocher Quartet
  • Wednesdays Pete Siers' Latin band, Los Gatos
  • Thursdays Ron Brooks trio
  • Friday late afternoons will continue with Paul Klinger's Easy Street Jazz Band
  • Friday and Saturday nights will feature various groups and vocalists