Around Town

Mark Braun (Mr B) celebrated his birthday with a concert at Kerrytown Concert House on February 24. Recently he has played with guest artists, but this time he chose to go back to the basics alone at the KCH Steinway.

“My Sunday Best”, “St. Louis Blues” and “After Hours” were some of his traditional piano blues, but he revealed that he was increasingly getting interested in ballads and medleys. One of the latter that worked very well was the pairing of Monk’s “Bright Mississippi” with “Sweet Georgia Brown.”

This was the first KCH/SEMJA Club Series concert of the year, with SEMJA providing the bar thanks to our volunteers.

Igor HouwatThe Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet offered a rousing concert at Kerrytown Concert House on March 10. The quartet is tight, and the interplay between violinist Henrik Karapetyan and oud player Igor Houwat is particularly symbiotic. It was like hearing two old friends in a conversation with one finishing the other’s sentences.

The repertoire of the group is far reaching, from India to the Middle East and back to the U.S. (Mongo Santamaria’s “Afro Blue”). On their encore, “Sunrise” (written by Sharp and Houwat), there was some intense percussion work by Mike List.

I look forward to their first CD as a group which they are recording at this time.

ABOVE: Igor Houwat talking with a fan after the concert

photographs by Lars Bjorn